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"Prieto knows no technical limitations. His musical instincts are impeccable."
      — The New York Times

"Sensitive and brilliant playing"
      — The Washington Post

"Prieto is a cellist of high gifts and impressive technical command"
      — The Boston Globe

"Prieto is a virtuoso performer with a strong feeling for dramatic and emotional contrast"
      — The Globe and Mail, Toronto, Canada

"Masterful performance. I hope we see him back in London soon"
      — Music and Musicians, London

"In the front ranks of cello playing today; not only a virtuoso but a complete artist"
      — E. Franco. El País, Spain

"Musician of great class ... Played with total mastery and exceptional musicianship"
      — Dernières Nouvelles dνAlsace, Strasbourg, France

"Triumph of Carlos Prieto:Artist of the highest musicianship and virtuosity"
      — Súdkurier, Germany

"Excellent artist. Supreme technique"
      — Berliner Zeitung am Abend, Berlin

"Carlos Prieto: magical cellist"
      — I. K. Semenova. Latinska Amerika, Moscow

"Excellent cellist"
      — Prof. Lev Ginsburg, Moscow


"Renaissance man. But when does he sleep? Edith Eisler asks cellist Carlos Prieto about his astoundingly rich life as a performer, author, globe-trotter and tireless promoter of Latin composers."
      — Strings, January/February, 1998

"Prieto knows no technical limitations. His musical instincts are impeccable."
      — The New York Times

"Most appealing were Three Preludes and a Sonata by Manuel Ponce. Ponce's style is Romantic and shows a marvelous grasp of instruments and their idiosyncrasies...Mr. Prieto played with a varied and often melting tone, well supported by Miss Stevenson's colorful, energetic collaboration"
      — Allan Kozinn, The New York Times, January 13, 1991

"Throughout, the cellist produced a consistent stream of pure and articulate sounds in support of stylish music making"
      — Dan Cariag, The Los Angeles Times

"Prieto is a cellist of high gifts and impressive technical command. Perhaps the most rewarding of the performances was that of the Kodaly sonata for unaccompanied cello, a long, rhapsodic omnium gatherum of instrumental stratagems and devices, done in true bravura fashion, unafraid, secure, zestful, attentive to musical values "
      — R. Buell, The Boston Globe

"The scorcher of the afternoon was the Kodaly. Anyone who can just get through the work in one piece is assured a success, but Prieto did much more than merely survive. A rare feeling of vista came across, the sheer bigness and importance of Kodaly's concept rather than a display piece doing its thing. The virtuoso element was all in place. Considering the audience enthusiasm, it seems obvious that Prieto will be invited back. It cannot be too soon, for this was distinguished music-making. For all his finesse and talent, Starker did not come close to this impassioned performance"
      — Heuwell Tircuit, San Francisco Chronicle

"Bach's Second Gamba Sonata was full of rhythmic clarity and textural balance, with an Andante that was beautifully conceived and expressed. Both Prieto and pianist Doris Stevenson were likewise at ease with the many moods as well as the technical and ensemble demands of the D minor Sonata by Shostakovich. It is a marvelous work, full of subtlety, wit and passion, none of which was slighted in this fine rendering "
      — Washington Post

"His musical personality held the listener intent on every line while remaining that of a real chamber music player, taking as well as giving ideas."
      — Stephen Cera, The Baltimore-Sun

"Cellist Carlos Prieto is one of those rare musicians who can cause audiences to cry out with delight as he proved Friday night. He showed the energy and virtuosity of a prodigy."
      — Jim Kopp, The Atlanta Constitution

"Prieto, who is making his second U.S. tour, is very much his own man. He does not sound anything like Pierre Fournier or Leonard Rose, with whom he studied, Prieto is gutsier than the former, and he commands a much bigger sound than the latter. Prieto style is passionate, yet austere, and the array of colors that he is able to draw from his instrument is indeed remarkable. He plays with tightly controlled vibrato, and his attacks and releases are razor-sharp"
      — Michael Redmon, The New Jersey Star ledger

"Cellist Prieto Spectacular in Premiere Performance."
"Prieto's technical skills are impeccable; his tone on Sunday was absolutely gorgeous. Whether the music at hand was vigorous or gentle or something in between, the results were breathtaking"
      — The St. Louis Post-Dispatch

"Carlos Prieto is a bold interpreter who commands an imposing sound from his instrument. Cellist of obvious gifts."
      — Daniel Webster, The Philadelphia Inquirer

"Several traits were immediately noticeable in Prieto's playing: a focused tone and strong, nimble fingers that moved swiftly and decisively up and down the fingerboard. He also employed a bow stroke that could confidently phrase melodies in long, lyrical arcs. He could also stitch together little single-stroke passages using the tip of the bow as precisely as a sewing-machine needle. A brand-new sonata by Mexican composer Federico Ibarra received an impressively polished, intelligent world premiere by Prieto and Quintana."
      — Carl Cunningham, The Houston Post. October 3, 1992

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"Prieto's programming and his musicianship gave the concert a gem-like luster ... A cellist with an exceptionally by robust tone and a dramatic approach to interpretation. ... This was sturdy Bach, with impressive slow movements, outstanding contrapuntal clarity and faultless intonation. However, the tour de force of the concert was Kodaly's Sonata, Op. 8. It revealed Prieto as a virtuoso performer with a strong feeling for dramatic and emotional contrast. It was a stunning performance "
      — The Toronto Globe and Mail

"Prieto is a well schooled instrumentalist, one with a surpassing command of his instrument. Doris Stevenson was at the piano, providing expert support for the cellist. The two seem to make an ideal musical team"
      — Jacob Siskind, The Ottawa Citizen. December 15, 1990

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"Exciting and diverse program held those in attendance spellbound... Congratulations are due to Carlos Prieto for a masterful performance, stimulating and relaxing by turns, admirable and accessible. I hope we see him back in London soon"
      — Adam Blake, Music and Musicians, London

"Prieto is a fine cellist, very serious, committed and expressive; his tone is large, warm and beautiful , pure in every register. His admirable technique was equal to all the formidable technical demands of the music."
      — Strings, London/New York, May/June 1991

"How would the short-winded phrases and violent punctuating comments of Ibarra's Cello Concerto add up to a full-length symphonic piece? The answer came through the shape of its melodic and rhythmic ideas and the patterns Ibarra made from them, and in the consistently daring invention, whether in a running pizzicato solo like a jazz bass or in a high-flying song over thunderous percussion--delivered with scrupulous confidence by the cellist Carlos Prieto"
      — Robert Maycock, The Independent, London, Sept.25, 1993

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"The concert was a unique triumph of a marvelous cello in the hands of an artist of the highest musicality and virtuosity. Everything that this instrument may offer, vigorous sonorities as well as tender acoustical colors, infinite dynamic effects came to life from the hands of the famous Mexican cellist to degree seldom heard."
      — Südkurier, Germany, November 24, 1992

"Superb personality with great temperament and expressivity. Hartmut Schneider was an ideal accompanist."
      — Schwabische Zeitun, November 29, 1992

"Excellent artist, supreme technique."
      — Berliner Zeitung Am Abend, Berlin

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"In a few years Carlos Prieto has jumped into the front ranks of cello playing today; Not only a virtuoso but a complete artist."
      — E. Franco, El Pais, Madrid

"Carlos Prieto: not only his countryν outstanding cellist but one of the great international soloists of his generation"
      — Tomás Marco, Diario 16, Madrid

"Carlos Prieto: Predestined cellist"
      — A. Fernández Cid, ABC, Madrid

"Unquestionable class, musicality and virtuosism."
      — L. Hontanón, ABC, Madrid

"It is rare to hear really good performances of the Schumann Cello Concerto. That of Carlos Prieto was perfect. He is a great cellist and a great interpreter."
      — F.L.Vizoso, El Comercio, Gijon

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"Carlos Prieto is a musician of great class ... He played with total mastery and exceptional musicianship."
      — Les Dernières Nouvelles D'Alsace, Strasbourg

"We could appreciate Prieto's virtuosity as well as his sonority full of expression and warmth."
      — M.R. Clouzot, Activités Musicales, Paris

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"Carlos Prieto: a magical cellist"
      — I. K. Semenova, Latinskaya Amerika, Moscow, April, 1992

"Excellent cellist"
      — Prof. Lev Ginsburg, Moscow

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"Carlos Prieto is an exceptional interpreter gifted with many varied qualities. He played with incredible mastery and intense expressivity. He revealed himself as a sensitive musician, powerful and refined. His concert was most impressive."
      — Gazette de Liège

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"Carlos Prieto is a great cellist whose left hand showed impeccable accuracy and intonation. He played exceptionally well and should be heard again here. Carlos Prieto premiered Zymanνs Cello Concerto in New York and now in Buenos Aires. It lasts 31 minutes but seems shorter. We must salute a composer whose technical mastery is matched by the depth of his musical ideas."
      — Napoleón Cabrera, Clarín, Buenos Aires, May 23,1991

"IMPRESSIVE RECITAL OF CELLIST CARLOS PRIETO. His rendition of Bach λs Suite for cello solo was worthy of the splendid work. Superb were his performances of Ponce, Tchaikovsky and Piazzolla. He shared with the excellent pianist Edison Quintana the warm public response."
      — A. E. Giménez, La Nación, Buenos Aires, May 15, 1994

"A RECITAL WITH AN EXCEPTIONAL CELLIST. His technique is faultless and he showed sensitivity, penetrating expressive power and a warm and beautiful sound."
      — A. L. Rodríguez, La Capital, Rosario, May 8, 1994

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"AN OUTSTANDING CELLIST! Impressive recital. Carlos Prieto showed an excellent technique, impressively beautiful tone and expressiveness. It was a captivating recital that earned him an ovation from the overflowing public."
      — Sergio Escobar, El Mercurio, Santiago, May 29, 1999

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"One of the best concerts ever given in this theater in its 19 years of continued operation. Exceptional virtuoso."
      — Maruja Mendez, El Tiempo, Bogota

"Extraordinary cellist. Superb recital. Impeccable versions of the three Bach Suites. Extremely clean and moving performance."
      — H. Caro Mendoza, El Espectador, Bogota

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"The famous Mexican cellist Carlos Prieto made his debut yesterday at the Shanghai Concert Theater His excellent performance received a warm ovation. He is considered among the world's best cellists."
      — Jiefang Ribao. Shanghai

"Carlos Prieto made a deep impression with the Bach Suites for Cello Solo. His technique is of a high level. The public greatly appreciated his marvelous art."
      — Quingdao Ribao, Quingdao

"The entire audience marvelled at the concert of the famous Mexican cellist Carlos Prieto."
      — Wen Hui Bao. Shanghai

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"Even as he began his recital with the absorbing rendition of Bach's Suite No. 2, the ace cellist's sensitive touch became evident. It was an evening that called for superlatives."
      — Indian Express, Bangalore

"A fine Bach interpreter. A very welcome addition to the homage being offered to the composer in his tricentennial years."
      — The Statesman, New Delhi